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Eufòria 2018

Pastilla Euforia RGB p  

After the first edition of Eufòria and on the basis of the satisfaction survey realized this summer, we bring some modifications to improve the comfort, the safety of the runners and generally, the conditions of race.

Our objective is to maintain the very special character of Eufòria while providing a high percentage of finishers (more than 60 % in 2017) and to allow the participants to take a lot of pleasure in this adventure.

  • Reduction of the first part of the trail, by eliminating the passage by the peak of Arial
  • Light increase of the difficulty of the trail by introducing a new peak, Baiau (2.885 m), just before the peak of Comapedrosa

  • Modification of the trail near the shelter of Illa to avoid a zone ecologically very sensitive
  • Very light modification of the trail and change of the last accommodation area in the mountain restaurant of Solanelles to offer an optimal comfort to the runners

  • Equipment of a GPS tracker for all the participants (instead of one by binomial in 2017)

The distance and the elevation gain remain unchanged ...

We are waiting for you with impatience for this big party.

Festive desire?


 On Monday, October 16th we'll open the registrations

(we'll soon communicate the exact hour)

NGOs thankful


As every year, at the registration, the runners could give 4€ to one or more NGOs. This year the runners gave almost 2.800 € and the organization, as always, doubled this amount. For the 3 NGOs so, the donation is 5.579 €.

Cims Màgics has supported various initiatives, such as the publication and sale of the solidarity book "No tot és córrer". In addition, in response to the current emergencies, the organization has made an additional donation to the Andorra NGO platform for the victims of Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean.

   Runners Cims Màgics TOTAL
Oxfam 1.014,51 € 929,85 € 1.944,36 €
Hi arribarem 970,51 € 929,85 € 1.900,36 €
Aigua de Coco 804,51 € 929,85 € 1.734,36 €
Andorra NGO platform    2.000,00 €  2.000,00 € 
"No tot és córrer"   780,00 € 800,00 €
TOTAL 2.789,54 € 5.569,54 € 8.359,08 €

Thanks to all!

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