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With the slogan "Personal challenge + Solidarity", Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord asserts since his creation, his social responsibility.

The Solidaritrail was created to approach all people to the mountains, including the disabled persons and make them share with the runners, the values of the event. So persons with visual impairment, paraplegics, autistics, mentally handicapped persons etc can participate.

Donations were made for the Fadem (Federació Andorrana d'Esports per a Minusvàlids) and for the NGO's Andorra Platform.

The generosity of the sponsors and partners, as well as a rigorous economic management, allowed to make in 2013 a 4,000 € donation for the NGO's Andorra Platform, completely intended for the emergency campaign for the victims of the typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

For the 20142015 and 2016 edition, runners had the opportunity, at the time of their registration, to collaborate by a small donation: 4 € for one (or several) of three associations. So we could collect more than 2.000 € that the organisation doubled.

This year, we repeat the same operation. Every runner, to the moment of the inscription, can do a donation of 4 € to one or several of these NGO's (the organization doubled the amount of these donations):




International NGO of cooperation for the development. It works in 47 countries on development projects, humanitarian aids and fair trade. It denounces and also mobilizes the society so that it becomes aware and acts in front of the injustices. Among others activities, it organizes Trailwalker, an united walking of 100 km against the poverty.




The association has for objective to allow the access to the mountain and to the incomparable landscapes that we have in Andorra, to people suffering physical or functional handicap, in summer as in winter. So that this project succeeds, they need the help of volunteers and adapted equipment.




Foundation which takes care of the international cooperation by bringing to a successful conclusion tasks of raising sensitization and development’s education. It contributes to improve the quality of life of persons in situation of exclusion in the countries of the South (Cambodia and Madagascar)with a particular attention to the childhood and her family circle, betting on the including’s education as engine of development.


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